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Thanks for your interest in joining the Operations Special Interest Group! We are an official special interest group recognized by the National Model Railroad Association. While NMRA membership is encouraged, it is not required to join the Operations SIG. 

As part of your yearly membership, you'll receive four quarterly issues of The Dispatcher's Office, our operations-focused publication. The Dispatcher's Office is available as either a digital download or a mailed printed copy. As a print subscriber, you'll also get access to the digital copy. In addition, all members have complete access to 30+ years of our digital back catalog at no additional charge as long as they remain members of the OpSIG. 

Other member services available through the members-only section of the website include a membership directory, event calendar, and a railroad directory to help promote your railroad and your operating sessions. 


Join and Pay Online

You can now purchase your membership entirely online! Please create your profile first, and then you can choose your membership type and pay via PayPal (with or without a PayPal account). This will grant you instant access to the online issues and is the simplest way to join the Operations SIG. 

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Join and Pay by Mail

If you choose to pay by check, you should still create your profile first and then choose the Pay By Mail option. This will let you print a stub to send with your check.

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As a final option, you can complete the downloadable PDF application form to join or to renew.

For all pay-by-mail options, your subscription will remain in a pending status until your payment has been processed and you will not have any access to the OpSIG Members Only section until your payment has been processed. 

For all mailed payments, please allow 7-10 days from mailing for your payment  to be processed. Please note that a single bank deposit of all checks received is made once at the close of each calendar month.  Checks will clear your bank in the month following your mailing of the same. 


Subscription Pricing

Subscription Type Price (USD)
Electronic - 1 Year $10.00
Electronic - 2 Year $20.00
Electronic - 3 Year $30.00
US Print - 1 Year $25.00
US Print - 2 Year $50.00
US Print - 3 Year $75.00
Canada Print - 1 Year $35.00
Canada Print - 2 Year $70.00
Canada Print - 3 Year $105.00
International Print - 1 Year $45.00
International Print - 2 Year $90.00
International Print - 3 Year $135.00