Meetup Schedule

Sunday, August 2, 2020 - 4 PM EDT

We'll have two presenters for this session:

  • Gary Evans is the owner of the NoWhere Line, a freelance modern railroad offering switching and shortline operations. The railroad has a steady flow of traffic from and to staging (think Chicago). The yards (Bigburg, Smallville, Timesaver, and Branch) organize cars for delivery by their local trains. Mainline trains run by timetable; others are extras. For car forwarding, the railroad uses car cards and waybills; custom software assigns destinations based on several factors, similar to JMRI.
  • Bob Rodridguez operates a free-lanced model railroad situated in the Alleghany Mountains of Pennsylvania named the Nickel City Line.  Since 2002 he has hosted over 100 operating session on the layout.  In March, with the COVID-19 pandemic growing in severity, Bob changed over his layout from in-person to remote operations.  In May he held his first remote operations session.  By the end of July Bob hosted 13 remote operating sessions for his local group and a few operators from across the country. The focus of the presentation will be on how Bob conducts remote operations using JMRI software, webcams, Raspberry Pi cameras, Zoom, and TeamViewer, as well as schedule modifications and paperwork necessary to conduct a successful session.

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