Director and Staff Directory

Directors are elected for three year terms, with a maximum of two terms. Within the board, the members elect a president, vice-president, and secretary. 

Additional officers and staff are appointed by the board with no specific term limitation. If you have an interest in serving in one of these positions or in another position that you think needs to be done, please contact  Our organization is staffed entirely by volunteers and we are always looking for additional people who want to contribute their time, knowledge, and services to the OpSIG. 

Board of Directors

  • Rob Hinkle, President - 2nd term expires 2023
  • Bruce Morden, Vice President - 2nd term expires 2024
  • Roger Sekera, Secretary - 2nd term expires 2025
  • Mark Nolan - 1st term expires 2023
  • Eric Smith - 2nd term expires 2025


Officers and Staff

  • Joe Rodenberg, Treasurer
  • Owen Maddux, Assistant Treasurer
  • Eric Smith, Editor, Dispatcher's Office 
  • Phil Monat, Donation Coordinator
  • Peter Kerr, Election Coordinator
  • Jeff Youst, Membership Manager
  • Allen Frasch, Back Issue Manager
  • James Peterson, OpSIG Coordinator for NMRA 2023 Convention - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX