Car Forwarding Articles

Steven Prevette took the time to index all the car forwarding articles within The Dispatcher's Office issues. If you're a subscriber, you can access all these issues in the digital archive. 

January 2001 Bill Jewett Car-Routing Software Survey

April 2001 Bill Jewett Car-Routing Software Survey Part 2

January 2003 Operations Game Rediscovered - 1983 package offered
ops-in-a-box (complete reprint of the package)

January 2006 Michael G Wiss Traffic Generation using Computer Spreadsheets

January 2007 Ray Fisher A Waybill Based Operating "System"

July 2007 Byron Henderson Variations on a Waybill Theme ("offers a way
to custom fit car routing without leaving behind the familiar basics of
the [CC&WB] system")

July 2008 Eric Lundberg "ShipIt!" on the Sandric

July 2008 Allen Frasch Car Cars for Passenger Operations

October 2008 Bob Lehnen Living with RailOP (Impressions from a first
time user)

October 2009 Ralph A Heiss A Different Kind of Car Forwarding (for
switching terminal railroads)

January 2010 Ralph A Heiss Terminal Switching on the Lehigh Valley
Harbor Terminal Railroad (how he implemented the theories from the
previous article)

April 2010 Anthony Thompson Contents of a Waybill - Understanding the
real thing and scaling it down for ops

July 2010 Michael K Evans Transforming the Four-Cycle Waybill (extending
beyond four cycles)

January 2011 Mark Frysztacki and John Rahenkamp Setting Up A Balanced
Car Forwarding System (CC&WB improvements)

April 2011 Stephen P Karas and Lee J Nicholas Flexbill (part of the UCW
article, and referenced by a later article "no bulky waybill stacks")

January 2012 Detlef Kurpanek Operating Systems (two page overview of
marker on car, CC&WB, Switchlists, Traffic Routing Software)

July 2012 Keith Stillman Demand Driven Operations (Microsoft Access driven)

October 2012 Bob Collett Compromise: A Hybrid Car Forwarding System
(Excel Spreadsheet)

April 2013 Russ Kriess Freebill System (Microsoft Access)

April 2014 Garry Glazebrook Paperless Operations: Car Cards, Train
Cards, and the Paperless Waybill (Excel spreadsheet)

July 2014 Richard Todd Club Operations with Color-Coded Car Tags

January 2015 Earl T Hackett The Car Order Operating System (simplified
system specifying car types only - not specific cars)

October 2016 Anthony Thompson Progress with Prototypical Waybills for

July 2017 Chuck Cover A Computer Car-Routing System (Microsoft Access)

October 2018 Chris Van Der Heide Excel Car Cards and Waybills

January/February 2019 David R Waraxa Create Unique Paperwork for JMRI
Ops (includes switchlists)

October 2020 Brian Clark Using JMRI Operations

January 2021 Bob Hanna Thoughts from the Basement - Car Forwarding Systems