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Article Title
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January 2002
OpSig Plans for 2002 Convention Florida events in July 2002
HOTBOX! Why, When and Where of Overheated Journals
Confessions of a Visiting Yard Person Seth Neumann What you need to know
Monon Operations Bob Warren Scheduling a session
Another Operations Method Bill Williams Running a big C&O layout
Ops Shop Merchandise Sig offers aprons, cards
Annual Callboard Layout Listing Where to go to operate
April 2002
Less is More: Modeling LCL Traffic Bill Jewett Significant steam-era activity
OpSig Plans for July Convention Orlando & Ft Lauderdale
Wheat Rush on the Santa Fe Lloyd Stagner Extras and overtime in Kansas
Seasonal Operations Roger Kujawa Peoria Postcript
Seasonal Traffic for your RR Birney Summers What moved in which cars when
Local Industry Yards Operating support yards
Computer Carcards Charlie Vlk Planning for operations
CallBoard Update More operating layouts
July 2002
Highballing with Flimsies Frederick Gamst Using train orders on SP
Reciprocal Switching Bill Jewett Serving industries on other roads
Where It Comes From... Peter Kerr 1999 freight commodities, states and car types
By the Weigh: Track Scales Ron Tuff Scales and test cars enhance ops
Car Dwell Time at Industries Mike McLaughlin Varying loading/unloading times
Louisiana Rail Run Bill Williams Southern pikes host visiting ops
October 2002
Billboard Reefers Bill Jewett What happened to them?
Highballing with Flimsies Fred Gamst Train orders on the SP - Part 2
CSX Yard Performance Birnie Summers Measuring against goals
I Finally Did It! Morrie Fleishman Operated, not just run trains
The Rock Around the Clock Roger Kujawa Switching 24/7
Freight Car Carding Norbert Shacklette A forgotten art
January 2003
Regional Operation Meets Highlights of CO, UT, IL events
Coming Events Sessions planned in CA, MA, MI
Operations Game Rediscovered 1983 package of ops-in-a-box
Job Descriptions Roger Kujawa Each crew's unique responsibilities
2003 CallBoard Tom Turner 91 layouts that welcome operators
Highballing with Flimsies Frederick Gamst Train orders on SP Coast Line
Plans for Toronto Convention Op sessions for July NMRA meet
April 2003
Boomer Dispatcher on the SC&E Bill Jewett Starting TT&TO operations
Operations Forms Roger Kujawa Train and yard paperwork
Plans for Toronto Convention Signing up for operations
Highballing with Flimsies Frederick Gamst Wrapping up SP TT&TO
Boxcar Histories Illustrate Travels Bill Jewett Interchange records of 3 cars
Riding the Rails with the Fast Freight Evan Wylie 2,000 miles with a boxcar
Over Tehachapi on an SP Beet Train Frederick Gamst Riding the head end
July 2003
Having Fun with Unexpected Situations Larry Hickman Tips from a working railroader
Working the Clover Leaf Locals Don Daily Switching on the former NKP
Peoria PS: Operate ASAP! Roger Kujawa Don't wait to operate
Documenting Wabash Operations Bill Jewett Paperwork for Ops Road Show
Locomotive Roster for the EV&W Lloyd Miller Developing a freelanced fleet
Louisiana RailRun/To Snack or Not Bill Williams Thoughts about treats
October 2003
Earning the Chief Dispatcher Certificate Bruce Wilson How to take the first step to MMR qualification
Operating System Used on the A&LS Bruce Wilson Documenting how the railroad runs
Online copies of the article's diagrams
Dispatching the WP 4th Subdivision Pat Flynn and Jim Providenza Check your DS skills against the pros
Peoria PS: Operation by Observation Roger Kujawa Vacations are for collecting ops ideas
Toronto NMRA Convention Reports Seth Neumann, Bruce Wilson and John Young Good time had by all in Canada
Gift of a Miracle Francis Wiener and Dennis Storzek A spooky story for Halloween
Switching Lime Plants at Gibsonburg Larry Hickman A day in the life of a PRR outpost job
January 2004
Seattle Convention Plans Bill Sornsin & Tom Enloe Ops before, during & after
Air Brakes for Model Railroaders Fred Carlson Understanding how the real ones work
Peoria PS: Play Value Roger Kujawa Making the most of it
2004 CallBoard Listing Tom Turner Layouts you can come operate
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Checking the Register
Riding a GN Passenger Extra Bill Jewett Flimsies tell a tale
April 2004
Return Those Empties Bill Jewett Rules for empty return including SCO90
Iron Mike Dispatches the SP Robert Raymond Computer TT&TO dispatching
CASO Operations in Ontario John Mitchell Busy layout showcases NYC, CP, C&O
The Meet Robert Vrooman Wabash Canadian crew hustles to avoid delay
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau #2 - Clearing times at meets
More About LCL Waybills illustrate NKP small shipment handling
July 2004
Labeling Carcards Holders Bill Jewett Plus: operating small yards
Preparing to Operate Drake Omstead Setting up ops paperwork
Waybill Variations on the NYO&W Drake Omstead Routes, LCL, milk & more
NYO&W Employee timetable Drake Omstead How to's for newbies
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Part 3: Right over vs meet
Ferguson in the 40s R. L. Warren Wabash hot spot near St Louis
October 2004
A Day on Local J-743 Fred Henize Working rail describes CSX job
A Day with the San Jac Local Chris Butts Local crew on ATSF
Flagging Instructions Ed King How N&W coal branch worked
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 4: Run Extra Orders
Soo Line Passenger Orders Dennis Storzek Orders for a complete trip
CPR London Div Operations Tony Borek Contemporary Canadian ops
Ops at the End of the Line Lloyd Miller A freelanced terminal district
Perpetual Waybills on GN Bill Jewett Keep switching without restaging
Copper River & Yukon Orders Bill Jewett Neat paperwork for ore line
January 2005
Fast Mail & Express Bill Jewett Head-end traffic moved coast to coast
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 5: Meets, engine # changes
2005 CallBoard Register of layouts you can operate on
OpSig at Cincinnati Limited Bill Jewett Activities at NMRA convention July 2005
Three Rivers Ops Weekend Ft Wayne IN to host op sessions
Modeling Freight Car Fleets John Mitchell Planning car fleet from prototype data
Managing Pool/Assigned Cars John Thompson Special-equipped car assignments
April 2005
Operations at the Decker Meat Plant Doug Harding Busy switching activities
The Meat Business The hows, whens and wheres
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 6: Reading the timetable
BVR has the Best of Both Dil Huey Combining carcards and switchlists
Tips on Clips Bill Jewett Handy gadgets for operations
Jargon for Railroaders Terms of the trade explained
July 2005
Hostlers in the Engine Terminal J. D. Santucci Getting power serviced and ready
The Enginehouse Foreman Keeping 'em running in the age of steam
Terminal Operating Procedures Ian Wilson Inspection, classification and more
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 7: Run ahead
Livestock Shipping Bill Jewett Moving cattle to market and slaughte
Three Rivers OpSig Roaring Success First-time hosts get it right
October 2005
Operations at NP Missoula Yard 1968 hump classification procedures
Solutions for Choked Class Yards Staying fluid when yards get plugged
Hot Times on the High Iron J. D. Santucci We couple and pull and swing and shove
Switch Crews in East LA Dave Crammer UP industry and yard jobs
Stuck in Woodsriver Bob Warren Unscrambling a TT&O standoff
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 8: Scheduled trains
Track Warrants David Butts CSX method very suitable for model use
January 2006
OpSIG CallBoard and Operations Events Now Listed on Internet Bill Jewett
Capacity Problems at Dolkos Yard Dick Flock Adjusting trackage for improve capacity
Trainorder Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lesson 9: "Run Lates" and "Waits"
Boxcar of Munitions Sent to Peanut Plant
Independence Junction 2006 Jim Dalberg Operations SIG Operating Sessions
Waybilling Minnesota Iron Ore Traffic Robert S. Hanmer Detailed paperwork based on the prototype
SE Michigan Proto Operators Ops Weekend 2006
Confounding the Experts Mike McLaughlin "right over each other"?!
On Sheet: How Dispatchers Record Movements Mark Amfahr Variations in prototype paperwork
Condensed Track Warrant Form Bill Jewett Less time, more understanding
Solutions for Choked Class Yards Peter Bryan Pre-made trains reduce pressure
So You Want to be the Super What would you do with priority traffic?
Talking "Trainmasterese" Don Daily Prototype wording
Traffic Generation Using Computer Spreadsheets Michael G. Weiss Random car movements without tedious set-up
Managing Assigned Cabooses on the O&W Drake E. Omstead Be sure the crew gets the their own caboose
April 2006
OpSig Election Ballot
Bay Area LDSIG/OpSig Regional Meet
Train Order Dispatching 101 Dave Sprau Lession 10 - "Running Extra"
PCR Branc Line/DO/LDJ Article Report from the Bay Area Region
Adding LCL Operations to an Existing Model Railroad
All A-Board
OpSig Bylaws Revision of Article 11 - Amendment of Bylaws
What Does the Layout Owner Do?
Pacific Harbor Line - Badger Bridge Operations
OpSig Regional: NC Rail Run 2006
July 2006
Santa Cruz Northern Mountain Dispatcher - Part 1 Dave Clemens
Grip Craig Bisgeier
Santa Cruz Northern Mountain Dispatcher - Part 2 Dave Clemens
A Little Love for the Yard Byron Henderson
Forget the Fast Clock Byron Henderson
Car Card System on Rob Richardson's Georgia Railroad David Butts
LA Rail Run Louis H. Schultz
Rocky Op in Southern Colorado Greg Long
Box of Munitions Sent to Peanut Plant Larry W. Grant
D.O. NYOW Caboose Assignment Drake Omstead
Model Rail Services Ops Fun for One Byron Henderson
Model Rail Services Operations Planning Byron Henderson
Model Rail Services Three Keys to Successful Opeerations
Super Detailed Operatins Craig Bisgeier
October 2006
Philadelphia OPSIG Operation Observations Phil Monat
Closing Comments Jim Dalberg
Note from the Editor
Fun With Operations Peter Bryan
Operations SIG Callboard Program
A Horse Tail Robert McCabe
Turnover Report from the President Phil Monat
January 2007
NMRA 2007 OPSIG Information John DePauw
Three Rivers OPSIG
Special Instructions for Operating Positions Jim Providenza
Santa Cruz Northern R.R. West End Agent Operator Supplemental Instructions Jim Providenza
Santa Crus Northern R.R. Special Instructions Agent/Operator Jim Providenza
The Great Southern Lines and Time Table Operations David Butts
A Waybill Based Operating "System" Ray Fisher Online Resources in Color
Turnover Report Phil Monat
April 2007 Vol XIII No 2
Tower Operators on the NYO&W Drake OmsteadAdding tower operators to increase realism
Interchange OperationsJeff WarnerCoordinating efforts between connecting railroads
Framework For Realistic Operations: Chief Dispatcher AP CertificateDavid ButtsLearning how to evaluate your own layout for operations
Continuing discussion Prompted by Ray Fisher's Waybill Article
OPSIG Candidate Statements
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
July 2007 Vol XIII No 3
The Tragic Meet at MooersAndrew ClermontThe story of a meet that ended in the death of a trainman
Variations On A Waybill ThemeByron HendersonA variation on multi-cycle waybills
Freight Car ManagementBruce HealdThe New Haven provides the backdrop for intense operations
Fusee At BigBurgGary EvansA fusee marker enhances switching operations
How To Model a Working FuseeCraig BisgierIt doesn't involve open flame anywhere near your layout!
Building a Working Fusee CircuitJohn SmithDeveloping a circuit that flickers and burns
ProTrak: What It Is, What It Can DoJim DuncanComprehensive software that can enhance your layout's operations
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
October 2007 Vol XIII No 4
History Of Operations In Large ScaleRic Golding & Doug MathesonBringing prototype operating practice to the garden
MOSS: Manually Operated Signal SystemAllen FraschAn inexpensive alternative to a full CTC installation
The Hours of Service Act: Part 1David Busher & Jeff LeamanHistory of this important and critical law and how it affects operations
Thirty Years Ago On The Rock IslandDaniel SabinHow the King Of Rock n' Roll delayed Train 39
Switching a Trailing Point SidingVincent LeeThere's more than meets the eye for this set-out
Batteries And Wireless ThrottlesPhil MonatHere's how to ensure you get the most life our of your batteries
Dispatcher's Submission Guide
OPSIG Dues Update
OPSIG Clothing Announcement
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
January 2008 Vol XIV No 1 Special All Staging Issue
Mole Staging On The HousatonicCraig BisgeierSimulating car float traffic on an 1890's-era New England railroad
Staging. . Or Lack Thereof?Jim ProvidenzaStaging the Santa Crux Northern in a challenging space
Operations Without StagingBill KaufmanAn intriguing way to operate without visible staging
The Rest Of The World On The UCWLee NicholasActive mole staging keeps this busy bridge route fluid
Staging Operations On The PRRJeff WarnerComplex terminal staging on a multiple-interchange railroad
Adding Staging Yards To The R&ITOtto VondrakAdding hidden staging improved operating potential for this small club
Vertical Staging On The Port SebagoAl OnetoVertical staging used to good effect on this New England line
Staging Yards On The GM&OJim DuncanActive staging in the crew lounge enhances operation
Lessons Learned On The D&SPhil MonatTrials and tribulations with hidden terminal staging
April 2008 Vol XIV, No 2
TT&TO Operations Part 1: Timetables and Form Dave SprauExplaining basic forms that are the foundation of operations
Train Order Ops on the 'Dutch Line' David S. BucherTrain order operations on the Western Maryland in the 1970's
Simplifying TT&TO Operations Bob FoltzBreaking down train orders to their essential functions
Dispatcher's panel for the Klondike Lines Brian PateSimple software helps make TT&TO operations easier
Going To Plan 'B Eric LundbergWhat to do when you can't get the required number of operators
The Hours of Service Act: Part 2 Jeff Leaman & David BucherContinued examination of this important Federal law
Programming Soundtraxx Tsunamis for Awesome Sound Performance Bob CollettGetting the most from your steam locomotive sound decoders
OPSIG Contacts
OPSIG Anaheim NMRA Convention
OPSIG Activities: Simplified Financial Statement 2007
OPSIG Elections: Candidate Statements & Ballot
Bill Jewett Memorial Award Nominations
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
July 2008 Vol XIV, No 3
TT&TO Operations Part 2: Train OrdersDave SprauAn overview of Train Orders as they could apply to model railroading
Hauling Coal On The ReadingJim HertzogCareful scheduling is required to service multiple loading points
Operations On A Small LayoutJon DandridgeAdapting New Haven operations at Framingham to a model railroad
ShipIt! On The SandricEric LundbergInnovative computer software put to work on this Western road
Spur Design For Efficient SwitchingDavid ButtsA modern industrial bakery along the NS is our model
Car Cars For Passenger OperationsAllen FraschThis system enhances modern passenger train operations
Allegheny & Western, Inspired by CASSBill MooreA small club overcomes the limitations of space
CIRROPS 2008 ReviewSeth Neumann
North Carolina RailRun 2008 preview
OPSIG DO Submission Guide
OPSIG Emblem Clothing Line Additions
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
October 2008 Vol XIV, No 4
Intense Passenger OperationsAllen BellThe New York Central in Albany, NY was a busy place!
NMRA Patent Challenge UpdateRobert AmslerThe NMRA fights a legal battle for all of us modelers
TT/TO Part 3: Order DispatchingDave T. SprauWe continue our multi-part look at train order operations
An Operator Looks ar RailOPBill WrightExamining commercial software that helps you manage traffic
Living With RailOPBob LehnenImpressions from a first-time user of this traffic management software
Traffic Flow ConsiderationsSteven S. Prevette Consider where all your cars are going when you design your layout
OPSIG at Anaheim 2008
Jim Allamian wins First Bill Jewett Award
OPSIG Emblem Clothing Line Additions
OPSIG Board of Directors Nominations
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
January 2009 Vol XV, No 1
Special Advanced Ops Issues Part 1
Taking Track Out Of ServicePhil MonatMake operating sessions more interesting with a work train or MOW window
Detour Train OperationsJim Hertzog & Jim DalbergA great excuse to run foreign equipment and change up schedules
Empty Car MovementsJim ProvidenzaUnderstanding how railroads moved empties around the country
Service Tracks Enhance OperationsDave Cochrun & Kathy SparksOften overlooked, service tracks are an important part of any railroad
Chance Cards for Advanced OperationsCraig BisgeierDo not pass 'Go', do not collect $200! A way to add unpredictability to you operation.
Advanced Car Spotting MethodsJeff Warner Now that you've arrived at the customer, just where does that car go?
AmRail 2008: Operationg in Chicago and Beyond
SWOOPS 2009 is Coming!
PCR Joint Regional Meeting with OPSIG & LDSIG
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
April 2009 Vol XV, No 2
Special Advanced Ops Issues Part 2
The Utility Man and Your RailroadJeff Leaman & Dave BucherConsider adding a jack-of-all-trades crew member to your roster
Real Railroad Radio CommunicationsJim DuncanEnhance communications by following the real thing.
Locomotive ServicingJeff WarnerAdding essential terminal functions to your model railroad.
Modeling LCL Terminal OperationsRalph HeissOne method to route less-than-carload shipments through your railroad.
TT/TO Part 4: Form F Train OrdersDave T. SprauGoverning the smooth operation of trains that run in sections
RockOP & Great Basin Getaway Review
Bill Jewett Award Nominations
Bay Area Joint LDSIG/SG Meet Review
Annual comparitive Financial Statement
Letters To The Editor
Hartford National Convention Update
Introducing Bill Kaufman, new DO Editor
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
July 2009 Vol XV, No 3
Track Warrant Control and Other FormsBryon HendersonA modern operating method suitable for any era layout
Railroad Interlockings: Part 1Dave BucherAn introduction to interlockings and their role
Refrigerator Operations on the GNCGary GelzerIncorporate the role of the icing station into your operations
Passenger Extras on the SCNDave R. ClemensAdding a few extras to the session won't be a big deal . . . . right?!
TT/TO Part 5: Form G Train OrdersDavid T. SprauThe finer points of the Form G 'Running Order'
Prototype forms: Freight ReceiptsOtto VondrakA look at various railroad receipt forms circa 1860-1940
Bar Area OPSIG/LDSIG/PCR Joint Convention
Lehigh/Susquehanna Ops Weekend
ProTrak Users Annual Meeting
SWOOPS Success Review
Letters To The Editor
Harford National Convention Update
NOIBN (Editor's Commentary)Bill Kaufman
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
October 2009 Vol XV, No 4
TT/TO Part 6: Work OrdersDavid T. SprauOrders for trains that may hold the main for extended periods
Railroad Interlockings: Part 2Dave BucherInterlocking logic and route protection explained
Loose Loads on the SandricEric LundbergAdding loose loads increased realistic operation on this layout
A Different Kind of Car ForwardingRalph A. HeissThe switching terminal railroads did it, so why can't we?
Train Order SignalsBrian Pate & Chuck LawsLet your crews know they have ordrs waiting for them
The Yardmaster at East LADave CrammerControlling a real yard is a lot like playing chess in four dimensions
Harford National Convention Recap
OS Omaha Event Recap
Announcing Coordinated Midwest Ops Schedule
OPSIG Elections Notice
Passenger Timetable Covers
Letters to the Editor
Jim Providenza wins 2009 Bill Jewett Award
NOIBN (Editor's Commentary)Bill Kaufman
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
January 2010 Vol XVI, No 1
Marine Operations on the Great Northwestern Coastline RyGary GelzerFreelanced marine operations inspired by the real thing
TT/TO Part 7: Forms J, K, L, M, PDavid T. SprauWriting orders to hold or annul scheduled trains
Terminal Switching on the Lehigh Valley Harbor TerminalRalph HeissMoving cars through a busy terminal without confusing operators
Prototype Operations Paperwork ExamplesOtto VondrakSome real forms from Otto's collection
Operating With Track Scales; Ideas For Modeling WeighingJim FerencWhat those marks mean and how to incorporate them into ops
Milwaukee Operating Preview - NMRA National 2010
LSOPS Opertations Weekend Recap
Minn-Rail Report
Canada Vanrail Recap
South East Michigan Operations Weekend 2010
N-Scalers at NC Railrun 2010
First Tulsa Layout Design and Operations Meet
Letters To The Editor
NOIBN (Editor's Commentary)Bill Kaufman
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
April 2010 Vol XVI, No 2
Contents Of A WayBillAnthony ThompsonUnderstanding the real thing and scaling it down for ops
TT/TO Part 8: Forms D-R, D-S, and TDavid T. Sprau For double and single track, and to accept timetables
Blocking TrainsDan SylvesterCuts of cars were separated out for easy delivery on the C&NW
Considerations For An Operating LayoutAllen FraschThings you'll need to make your layout function for ops
Milwaukee National Update - NMRA National Convention
Get Ready for CIRROPS 2010
OPSIG Financial Statement 2009
OPSIG Election Candidate Statements & Ballot
Introducing OPSIG Regional Coordinators
Yardmaster's Report - PCR Region
Bill Jewett Award Nominations
Letters To The Editor
NOIBN (Editor's Commentary)Bill Kaufman
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
July 2010 Vol XVI, No 3
One Sunday in March: American Style Operations in the UK Pete Williams This N scale overseas Clinchfield was designed to operate, right?
The Plan and The Crutch Jim Providenza Subtle hints and tricks for visiting first-time dispatchers
Timetable and Train Order Operation: Part 9: Forms U,V,W,X and Z David T. Sprau We wrap up this informative series
Turn Your RIP Track into a Profit Center Gary Gelzer How to give your RIP track operations a purpose
Transforming the Four-Cycle Waybill Michael K. Evans Another approach to add more realism to your operations
HogRail 2010 Report
RockyOp 2010
Run Extra St. Louis 2010
NC RailRun 2010
Lehigh/Susquehanna Ops II: LSOPS
SER Operations Report
Write Of Way Review: "Elements of Train Dispatching"
NOIBN (Editor's Commentary)Bill Kaufman
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
October 2010 Vol XVI, No 4
End of an Era: No More Mechanically Operated SwitchesJon R. RomaThe closure of UP's Ridgely Tower is the end of an era
One Saturday In June: American Style Operations in the UKPeter Williams Continuing adventures on this overseas version of the Clinchfield
Industrial Track Agreements Applied to Model Railroads Detlef KurpanekAgreements between industries and the railroads that serve them
How History Changed my HousatonicCraig Bisgeier They say ignorance is bliss. . . Except in model railroading
2010 NMRA Milwaukee Convention Review
Three Rivers Ops Invite
Northern Rails Ops Invite
Yardmaster's Report: Pacific Coast RegionSeth Neumann
2010 Bill Jewett Award Winner: Steve KingPhil Monat
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
January 2011 Vol XVII, No 1
OPSIG Operating Sessions at Extra 2011 WestJim Providenza, X2011W OPSiG CoordinatorA preliminary look at operations at X2011W in Sacramento
Training DayEric LundbergHow to introduce your operating crew to dispatching
A View From the CabooseDan SylvesterNarrow gauge operations on the Rio Grande Southern
Strike!Dave VosThis novel practice has made for some interesting operations
Operating George's RailroadMat ThompsonAn operating session proved a perfect tribute to George Hughes
Setting Up A Balanced Car Forwarding SystemMark Frysztacki and John RahenkampAn improved strategy of creating a car card/waybill system
Report on CIRROPS 2011Seth Neumann
Gateway NMRA Rail Ops WeekendJim Duncan
OPSIG Operating Session ReviewJoe BrannKen Rodig's Ironwood System
Mideast Regional NMRA Operating SessionsSteve Benezra
NC RailRun 2010John Parker
River Rail 2010 ReviewMichael Lord
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsEric Lundberg
Request for Board Nominations
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
April 2011 Vol XVII, No 2
Steel, Part 1: Car Movements and Rolling StockDick BuchanThe first in a series of articles about modeling the steel industry
Great Operating Layouts: Lee Nicholas' UCWPhil MonatThe first in a series of articles highlighting great operating layouts
OPSIG Operating Sessions at Extra 2011 WestJim Providenza, X2011W OPSiG CoordinatorAn updated look at operations at X2011W in Sacramento
The Tall Timber & Santa Fe RailroadJim LoflandEvolution of a 34 year old railroad
OPSIG Board Elections 2011Candidate statements and voting ballot
Model Railroad Communications: An OverviewSeth NeumannThe first in a series of articles about communication methods
Operations in the Northeastern Region of the NMRA
LSOPS II Repeats a Great Time
Rocky Ops 2010
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsEric Lundberg
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
July 2011 Vol XVII, No 3
Trenance: The Myth Behind the LayoutNigel MannOperations on a British model railroad
Operations On An Amtrak Chicago TerminalFred SoopThe Chicago Union Terminal passenger operations
Steel: Part 2Richard BuchanFreight movements within the steel mill
JMRI: It's Not Just For Programming DecodersDennis DruryComputerized switchlist generator
Model Railroad Communications: EquipmentSeth NeumannEra-specific phone equipment
Fun on the Bayou: Louisiana Rail Run 2011Art Houston
Bill Shanaman's Railroad: Rocky Ops 2010Craig Stoops
All Aboard For NC RailRun 2011Marcus Neubacher
The Roger Williams ExpressAl Oneto
Three Rivers OPSIG WeekendJohn Wagner
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsEric Lundberg
Tales from the RailsDan Sylvester
Turnover ReportPhil Monat
October 2011 Vol XVII, No 4
A New Approach: Students as TeachersDavid Clemens with Jim Providenza, Doug Harding & Trevor Marshall
Steel, Part 3Richard BuchanScrap yard, bar mill and seamless mill switching
Model RR Communications: Station PhonesSeth NeumannInstructions, hints and tips for wiring station phones and equipment
Freight Car Handling and DistributionTony ThompsonHow we move freight cars
JMRI: It's Not Just For Programming DecodersDennis DruryComputerized switchlist generator
Nashville Road Operating Session ReportJ. Joseph Brann
X2011 NMRA National Convention Review
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsBill Shanaman
OPSIG Business NewsJim Allamian
Bill Jewett AwardBill Sornsin
Dave Clemens' Matching Donation to the BJMF
Tales from the RailsDan Sylvester
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
January 2012 Vol XVIII, No 1
Trenance, Part 2: The OperationsNigel MannUsing a spread sheet to develop operations
Transitioning From a Sequence-Based Operating Sceme to Timetable & Train OrderRoger Sekera with Steven King
Car Cards: Developing a Balanced Mix of Industries and Products to Make Good Use of Your Freight Car Fleet and Industrial Siding CapacitiesJean C. Piquette
North Carolina RailRun 2011
Southwest Ohio Operations Weekends (SWOOPS)Richard Stern
Last Run of the Eno Valley RailroadSteve Benezra
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsDetlef KurpanekOperating Systems
Tales from the RailsDan SylvesterYard Versus Road
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
April 2012 Vol XVIII, No 2
Riding the White Creek RailroadKen CameronOperating Outdoors
An Introduction to Ride-On Model RailroadingJeff Benton
State Belt Railroad Operations: A Lot of Operation in a Small SpaceBill Kaufman
A Rule Book For Your RailroadBruce K. Heald
Steel, Part 4: Blast Furnace High Lines and SwitchingDick Buchan
Operating John Allen's G&D in the 1960sBob Warren
Grand Rails 2012: White Creek Railroad OperationsBill Riter
Layouts for Operation at the Grand Rapids National NMRA ConventionAndy Keeney
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsDetlef KurpanekTransport Ops
OPSIG 2011 Financial ReportJim Allamian
Tales from the RailsDan SylvesterPaperwork
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
July 2012 Vol XVIII, No 3
What's in an Old Piece of Paper?Brooks Stover, MMR
Demand Driven OperationsKeith StillmanThe Operating Driver of the Easton & Potomac
Selectively Compressing TimetablesGarry GlazebrookModeling High Density Traffic in Australia's Hunter Valley in 1965
Metal CoatersDavid ButtsA Prototype Destination for Coil Cars
Steel, Part 5: Hot Metal Movements in the Steel MillDick Buchan
SoundRails 2012Ops Weekend Review
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsBob FoltzSetting Up Car Cards and Four-Sided Waybills
Tales from the RailsDan SylvesterKenosha Cadlillacs
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
October 2012 Vol XVIII, No 4
Compromise: A Hybrid Car Forwarding SystemBob Collett
Effective CommunicationsAlan Bell
Bad Car OrdersKeith StillmanHow to Ensure Smooth Operating Rolling Stock
Steel, Part 6: Hot Ingots to Final ProductsRichard Buchan
Going SoloEric Lundberg
Grand Rapids 2012 NMRA Convention Review
Last Run of the Denver & Cat CanyonM. David Johnson
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsByron HendersonStaging
Tales from the RailsDan SylvesterDrawbars, Knuckles & Air Hoses
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
January 2013 Vol XIX, No 1
N-Land Pacific Construction and OperationRudi Volti
Operating on the Amherst Belt Lines Modular Railway SystemSudro Brown
Fremo americaN Modular Operation StandardsBernd Schneider
N Scale Modular OperationsTed Dilorio
Spreadsheet Tricks, A Layout Within A Layout and Free-mo OperationsBob Sterner
Modular Freight OperationsPeter Gray
On the RoadSteve Benezra
Tulsa 2012 Layout Design and Operation WeekendDave Salamon
The Royersford Modular Railroaders
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Back to BasicsEric LundbergGroup Ops
Tales from the RailsDan SylvesterObservations
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
April 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 2
Modeling Railroad Operations in Virtual Scale, Part 1David A. Petersen
Dow Chemical Plant Switch JobDavid ButtsPrototype switching
Freebill SystemRuss KressComputer assisted car assignment
Things That Go Bump in the Night, Part 1Dave HusmanPrototype "unusual events"
Rails Along the Rio GrandeRolf Nitsche and Chuck Aylward
OPSIG at the Peachtree ExpressBill Raymond2013 NMRA Convention
2013 Steel Mill Modelers MeetJohn Glaab
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterNo Number Brakie
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
July 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 3
Steel Mill Operations on the Harrisburg Terminal RailroadRick BickmoreModel operations
Setting the Period for your Steel MillJohn GlaabPrototype information
Things That Go Bump in the Night, Part 2Dave HusmanPrototype "unusual events"
BayRails VBruce MordenOPSIG event report
On the RoadSteve Benezra
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve King
OPSIG 2012 Financial StatementJim Allamian
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterWork Reports
Turnover ReportDouglas Watts
October 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 4
Prototype Spice for Coal OperationsRoger Sekara
Things That Go Bump in the Night, Part 3Dave HusmanPrototype "unusual events"
The Case for the Single-cycle WaybillMike White
Operations Dayton 2013Rick Stern and Ray Baldwin
Modeling Railroad Operations in Virtual Scale, Part 2David A. Petersen
Operations at the 2013 NMRA National ConventionVince Gallogly
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve KingPlanning Ahead
OPSIG Board Meeting Minutes
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterRoad Crossings
Turnover ReportJim Dalberg
January 2014, Vol. XX, No. 1
Dispatcher Panel: A "Magnetic Board" with BenefitsRobert Raymond
Modeling Railroad Operations in Virtual Scale, Part 3David A. Petersen
Pender Street Mills UpdateWayland Moore
Senority on the Easton and PotomacKeith Stillman
IslandOpsVincent LeeOPSIG event report
Mid-East NMRA Regional Convnetion Ops ReviewWayland Moore
The NMRA National Convnetion Operating SessionsSteve Benezra
Saluda Rails Operations WeekendSteve BenezraOPSIG event report
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve KingPlaying the Game
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterSwitch Lists
Turnover ReportJim Dalberg
April 2014, Vol. XX, No. 2
The Great Northern Railway: Silk Road Across the Northern USGordon IsemingerSilk movements into the 1930's
Paperless Operations: Car Cards, Train Cards and the Paperless WaybillGarry Glazebrook
Introducing a Novice to OperationsPeter Gray
Trouble in FurnaceKeith StillmanTT & TO ops on Easton & Potomac
Mixing and Matching: A New Look at a Tag-on-car Car Forwarding SystemMark Dance
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve KingThe Work Extra
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterWinter
Turnover ReportJim Dalberg
July 2014, Vol. XX, No. 3
IslandOps Review
My Journey to OPSIGMark Sullivan
So You Want to Host Operating Sessions?Tom Wortmann
Operations on a Harbor-based LayoutDave Ramos
Script Cards Can Aid Operators Performing Switch JobsDavid Butts
Club Operations With Color-coded Car TagsRichard Todd
Making It WorkBob Warren
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve KingVisiting Operators
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterCinder Stories
Turnover ReportJim Dalberg
OPSIG 2013 Financial StatementJim Allamian
October 2014, Vol. XX, No. 4
Operations by TT&TO Without DispatcherWerner G. Brandt
Coke, the "Beehive" StageRoger SekeraPrototype information
Observations and Wheel Cleaning...and Other ThingsPete Clarke
Wireless Phone Handsets for Operations: Two ExperiencesMark Dance and Gordon H. Geiger
The Art of the Off SpotDavid Butts
Aids for OperationsDave Casey
NMRA Layout ReviewsFrom the Cleveland National Convention
OPSIG Operating Session Report: Tulsa LDOPSIG
Editor's NotesSteve Benezra
Dispatcher's WireSteve KingSections
Tales From the RailsDan SylvesterChanges
Turnover ReportJim Dalberg
January 2015, Vol. XXI, No. 1
Editor's Notes
Rick Lull

Dispatcher's Wire
Steve King
"The Operator"
Operating with Tsunami Decoders
Mat Thompson

Operations on a Shelf Layout
George Sinos

Passenger Operations on the SCNG
Tim Grover

The Car Order Operating System
Earl T. Hackett
"Who Needs Those Stinking Numbers"
Track Improvements at MF, MZ, UG and BF
Jim Hertzog
Reworking trackage ....
Model Railroad CTC Signaling Using Free JMRI Software
Steve Davis
Part 1: Signaling and CTC on the Prototype and Model Introduction
Turnover Report
Jim Dalberg

Tales from the Rails
Dan Sylvester
Rail Talk
April 2015, Vol. XXI, No. 2
Editor's Notes
Steve Benezra
Dispatcher's Wire
Steve King
Portland NMRA Convention Operating Layouts

Operating Layouts on Saturday for PDX

Put It On The Shelf!
David Heinsohn
Game Theory and Operations
Expand Your Small or Large Layout Operations
Dave Barcomb
. . . Without Enlarging Your Layout
Model Railroad CTC Signaling Using Free JMRI Software
Steve Davis
Part 2: Signals: Indications, Placement, Planning and Selection
Low-Tech Signaling in Support of Model Railroad Operations
Werner Brandt
OPSIG Board Elections 2015

Turnover Report
Jim Dalberg
Tales From the Rails
Dan Sylvester
Naughty, Naughty
July 2015, Vol. XXI, No. 3
Editor's Notes
Rick Lull
Dispatcher's Wire
Steve King
Superiority of Trains
Three Rivers Operation Weekend
Bruce Van Huis
A Play Called Easton & Potomac
Keith Stillman
Using the Atlas Type G Signal with the Digitrax SE8C
David Butts
Model Railroad CTC Signaling Using Free JMRI Software
Steve Davis
Part 3: Wiring & Interfacing Signals to Control Boards and a Computer
Modeling the Ford River Rouge Plant
Terry Harrison and Henry Freeman
The Midland Continental Railroad
Olaf P. Melhouse
A Short Line Built for Operation
Don't Forget Your Operators!
Randy Seller
Train Handling Scenarios
Rick Mugele
Turnover Report
Jim Dalberg
Tales From the Rails
Dan Sylvester
Paper, Bottles and Tin Cans
October 2015, Vol. XXI, No. 4
Editor's Note
Steve Benezra
Dispatcher's Wire
Steve King
Manual Block
Operations on the Wyoming Division
Verryl Fosnight
Modeling the Newcastle Steelworks
Garry Glazebrook
Leverage DCC for Turnout Control with Team Digital SRC8
David Butts
OPSiG Financial Statement
Turnover Report
Jim Dalberg
Tales From the Rails
Dan Sylvester
Passenger Service

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