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Index of the Dispatcher's Office 1990-2001
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Issue Date/
Article Title
Source Description
June 1990
Putting Operators at Ease Mark Quarles Operating session management
Operating on the York Haven Short Line Mark Quarles Operation paperwork
Operator's Guide to Better Operation Cliff Robinson, Keith Gutierrez Directives for guests
Layout Guidelines for Varied Operations David Doiron What an operating layout should be
Car/Industry Spot Location Systems Cliff Robinson, Mark Quarles Marquette Union Terminal
Sept. 1990
Yosemite Valley Model Railroad Operating System Bruce Metcalf
Forms for bad orders Mark Quarles York Haven Short Line
Dec. 1990
Simulating Effective Tractive Effort Constraints Mark Quarles Analysis of loco tractive effort
Operating Paperwork Shelves Mark Quarles Where to put paperwork on the layout
Road Crew Instructions Charles McLean, Mark Quarles Informing & training new operators
Where is This Train Going? Charles McLean More on training
March 1991
Operating Budget Simulations Mark Quarles Run your railroad with simulated profit/losses
Top Speed of Western Trains Compuserve
Training of New Operators Russ Kress
Operations in Vancover B.C. John Green Including the Vancover Model Railroad Club
Forms used on the York Haven Short Line Mark Quarles Derailment / Collision/ Near Miss Report Forms
An Operations Model Mark Quarles A computer concept
June 1991
Managing Layout Operating Sessions Edward Novit Based on Ed's Northern Pacific Tacoma Div
Transcript of 5/12/91 Conference on Compuserve TrainNet Forum
Operating Paperwork Cliff Robinson Computer switchlists on Marquette Union Terminal
Hempstead Atlantic Central Railroad - Open House Invitation Peter Hess With layout diagram
Sept. 1991
How to Operate Your Model Railroad Scott Given Running the Maumee at the Batavia IL club
The Way Freight Mark Quarles Switching techniques for the local way freight
Handouts to New Operators Sandy Davis Two-page handout
Prototype Forms Dennis Smith Division Special Instructions re Amtrak; ICG Industry Service Report; Soo Line Conductors Wheel Report
Dec. 1991
York Haven Short Line Freight Car Forwarding System Mark Quarles New operating methods
Database for Waybill Generation on a Model Railroad Mark Quarles Statistical database for computer generated operating session
Operations on the Maumee Mark Quarles CIC&StL at Batavia IL
Mar. 1992
Computers and Model Railroading Mark Quarles Sources of information
Some Thoughts on Fast Time Compuserve TrainNet Forum
News on Prototype Operation Railway Age Magazine Natural gas locomotives
Sample Prototype Forms Dennis Smith Soo Line Track Warrant
June 1992
Model Railroads and Telecommunications Mark Hilmantel Electronic media re railroads and models
Amtrak Gas Turbine Proposed Railway Age Magazine
Car Loadings Compuserve US freight car loadings 2/22/92 to 3/21/92
Sample Prototype Forms Dennis Smith Air Brake Inspection Report; Soo Line Switch List; IC Empty Car Bill
Nov. 1992
Permission to Occupy the Track Frank Bryan Five methods of train movement authority
More about Timetables and Train Orders Don Carrington Interesting facts re prototype TT&TO.
Operating Night on the Virginia Midland Steve King How to operate without a model railroad
Virtual Reality: Future of Model Railroad Operation? Don Carrington How hi-tech may change the way we operate
Layout Planning for Operation: Painstaking Design, or Just Do It? Steve King & Rich Montesano Two approaches to layout design
Off the Wire - News about model railroaders
January 1997
Handling Perishables on NP Tacoma Division Ed Novit Paperwork and operations
Book Review Frank Bryan Mallery's Operation Handbook
Trombone Players in a String Ensemble Tony Koester All playing the same tune?
Dialog on Expectations Tony Koester What can we expect from our crew members?
Tehachapi Train Orders Don Mitchell La Mesa Model RR Club
My First Time Dave Acheson Scary initial operation
Better Use of Operating Personnel Linda Sand Three tested ideas
Rules and Language of Train Orders Don Carrington From General Operating Code
April 1997
When Push Comes to Shove Symposium on Helper Operations
Rolling Fruit on the Lake Erie Road Ed Novit Perishables at destination
Leave Those Radios Behind Bill Jewett Thoughts on operations communications
Why Tony Doesn't Operate Tony Koester Risks for the owner
Balance - Guest Editorial Craig Bisgeier Key to smooth operations
Switching Prototype Style Alan Bates Retired rail tells how it's done
July 1997
Operations on the C&IG Railroad Peter Bryan An outdoors Texas pike
Conductor on the Clear Lake Line Working the Michigan 2-foot gauge
Cattle Car Roundup Joe Antosiak Handling the livestock business
Train Registers and Clearance Frank Bryan Essentials for timetable operations
Hoboken Yard Clerk Working with waybills and switchlists
Computerized Operating Systems Joe Morrison Report from a ProTrak user
Guest Operating Linda Sand How to be invited
October 1997
O.S. Soldier Summit Mike McClaughlin Recalling the D&RGW
Simulating Train-Order Operators OSing in operating sessions
Preparing your Layout for Operation Ed Novit From "running" to true operation
Creating Your Employee Timetable Ron Copher Detailing how the railroad runs
Modeling Rules Examination Linda Sand Demonstrating crew understanding
C&G Qualification Examination Gene St. John Ensuring operator training
Software Survey: Shipit! Review of computer switchlist program
January 1998
Working at Clemens Dave Bayless Running an L&N local
Spotting the Medaryville Grain Train A real-life switching problem
Timetable & Train Order Operation Steve King Part I - Rules, Superiority
Different Operators Linda Sand Crew do things differently
Freight Operation Norm Beveridge Incorporating fun goals
Digital Throttle Review Joe Morrison RealRoad computerized throttle
Setting Up for Operations Ed Novit Session planning and details
Dialog on Expectations Glenn Glastetter Satisfying the owner's goals
April 1998
Prototype Yard Operation Bill Jewett Soo's Schiller Park
Timetable & Train Orders Steve King Part II
How Well Do You Know Rulebook? Was another order needed?
Model Yardmaster's Guide Ted Schnepf Keeping Yards Organized
Mt. Hood RR Spot-It Guide Joe Brugger Local industry maps
Switching Edgefield on CM&SF Barrow & Jewett Planning industry work
July 1998
Passenger Train Operatons Bruce Ryan Part I - Mail & Express
Passenger Service on GN Bill Jewett Don Strike's layout
Kalispell Division
Omaha Road's Paperless Bill Jewett Dennis Blunt's system
Car Forwarding
Great Lakes & Northern Freight Birney Summers Building waybill files
Software for Car Cards & Waybills 3 software reviews
How Well Do You Know the Rulebook? Dispatching Quiz
Timertable & Train Order Steve King Part III - Orders
October 1998
Passenger Train Operations - Part II Bruce Ryan Sleepers, Diners, Coaches
Labor Agreements & Crew Work Ted Ferkenhoff MP auto facility rules
How Well Do You Know the Rulebook? Bill Kuebler NP Daylight Savings Time
Time Table & Train Order Steve King Part IV - Running Extra Operations
January 1999
Getting Started in Operations Rick Rodrick Overcoming newbie fears
CSX Shenandoah Division Bruce Faulkner First op session report
Train Control Acronyms Mark Hemphill Explaining signaling types
Running Ahead of 16 Darrel Dewald '40's Milwaukee action
More on Passenger Trains Bill Jewett Readers add their recollections
Timetable and Train Orders Steve King Final chapter
Car Movement Systems David Doiron Setting up your car cards
April 1999
Modeling the Sierra RR John Zach Cal foothills layout
Operations in the 1870's Don Ball Before TT&TO standard code
Direct Traffic Control Bob Schramm Alternative to track warrants
DTC on the C&NW Farewell to unique system
Great Basin Getaway John Zach Operating four fine Utah layouts
Operations on the Maumee Steve Karas First-time crew's defense
Orders for Magellan SP presidential special orders
July 1999
Yardmaster at BN Eola Il Dan Holbrook Prototype YM's duties
Yard Switching Tricks Craig Bisgeier Tips and tricks
Planning Yard Work Jeff Leaman Switchlist basics
Switchlists on Oak River RR Gary Rhebergen Bypassing cards
Computer Switchlists Jim Moir Bypassing paper
Switching Basics Cabooses, blocking, etc.
Barge Operations Jeff Childs Interchange by water/mail
The Van Asselt Transfer Mike McLaughlin Seattle memories
Freight Operations Norm Beveridge Switching "The Cans"
October 1999
Tracking the Turkey Trail Train Roger Mier Paperwork on C&O
Communicating Work Assignments Work messages and train briefs
Car Knockers Keep Wheels Rolling Dave Crammer Mechanical Dept in the yard
Modeling Prototype Train Makeup HazMat, special cars, dynamics
Switching by the List YM lists keep waybills out of yard
Researching Prototype Information Drake Omstead NYO&W at Scranton
January 2000        
OpSig Plans for San Jose Convention       NMRA July 30 - August 6, 2000
What's in Those Cars Anyway?   Bill Jewett   1955 commodities by car type
Coal Cars and Operations on the "Q"       Detailed look at the coalfields
Ordering Locomotive Fuel   Steve Karas   Using secondary waybills
Rip Track & Cleanout Operations   Drake Omstead   Keeping the shops busy
How Well Do You Know the Rulebook?       Dispatching puzzler
Western Passenger Switching   Mike McLaughlin   UP in the Northwest
April 2000        
Flying Green   Bill Jewett   Train sections under TT&TO
IC Accident Report   Frederick Garret   Casey Jones' last run
Passing a Disabled Section   Warren McFarland   ACL dispatcher's lapse brought fatal collision
Coal operatons, steam servicing     C&O turns 100 engines daily
Station agency operations     Prototype paperwork
Waybills, car cards, switchlists     Installing movement systems
Coordinator's Comments     CallBoard layout list announced
July 2000    
Operations on the Durkin Sub   Glenn Gastetter   Using prototype information
Freight Operations in Hinton   Roy Long   C&O activities in 1950s
Modeling Small Shipments     Express, LCL, forwarders, team tracks
LCL with Secondary Waybills   Steve Karas   Model your small shipments
Switchlists or Carcard Inserts   Bob Warren   "Chalking" cars with temporary waybill inserts
Freelancing No-Bill Coal   Drake Omstead   Broker orders coal on NYO&W
Off-Line Industry Database   Bill Jewett   Real customer names for waybills offered on Internet
CallBoard List #2     Operators open for visitors
October 2000    
Sharing the Oregon Trunk   Lowell Smith   Operations on a hobbyshop layout
A Day on the Thermal Belt   Ray Poteat   Prototype shortline operations
Town Turns and Yard Jobs     Structuring local switching
Wreck on the BAR     Identifying trains at meeting points
Improving Prototypical Fidelity   Bruce Chubb   Realistic communications
Operations Weekend   Verne Alexander   California ops trek
Radio and Battery Alternatives   Chuck White   Tips on radio buying and use
January 2001    
Plans for St. Louis Convention     OpSig activities in July '01
24 Hours on Tehachapi   Bill Jewett   Boomers at San Diego museum
LaMesa Club Standards   Bill Jewett   Specs for equipment performance
Heard on the Train Wire   Bill Jewett   Issuing an order step by step
The Allentown Project   Bill Jewett   Eastern traffic flows in 1976-77
Tom's Register 1938   Tom Gloger   New directory of '30s industries
Tire Business "Recalled"   Mark Amfahr   Tire plant receipts and shipments
Car Routing Software Survey   Bill Jewett   User comments on ProTrak
Freight Cars on the Sierra   John Zach   Actual cars used in 1950s
April 2001
Plans for NMRA St. Louis Convention OpsSig activities detailed
Operations Road Show John Young Layout in convention hotel
Frankfort Yardmaster Don Daily NKP High Speed switching
Making the Grade Ron Stevens Tonnage ratings details
Tonnage Ratings in Practice ...and HP/Ton
Shelby Switcher Number Two Ray Poteat CSX solves a power problem
Car Routing Software - Part 2 Bill Jewett Looking at ShipIt!
July 2001
Setting Up Your First Op Session Lance Mindheim Beginner's perspective
Getting Started with Operations
    Wheel Reports
    Colored car tacks
    Carcards and waybills
    Computer applications
Breaking the Code Ron Stevens Car type codes
Car Routing Software - Part 3 Bill Jewett RailOP system
Callboard Status Report Tom Turner Ops layout registry
October 2001
I Like Locals Roger Meir C&O railroader's viewpoint
Peddler of Local Freight Warren Crater CNJ switching in the 50's
Respecting Work Rules Blair Kooistra Properly assigning duties
Caboose First Shoving cars ahead of engine
Two-Person Crews Al Oneto It's more fun with two
Mine Run Operations Dan Bourque Appalachian mine switching
Carcards, Bills and Operations Bob Warren Organizing when space is tight
Car Routing Software Survey Bill Jewett Concluding 4-part series
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